Introducing the H2.City Gold hydrogen city bus – used and admired by passengers not only in Portugal. It is manufactured by the Portuguese company CaetanoBus. Its range is 400 km and its emissions are zero. It refuels in 9 minutes.

A set of fuel cells is located on the roof of the bus. It is connected to 5 hydrogen tanks with a capacity of 37.5 kg.

The H2.City Gold hydrogen bus is gaining interest in a number of European countries. For example, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), the largest public transport operator in Barcelona, has ordered eight of these buses from CaetanoBus. And Italian companies Arriva Italia and Trieste Transporti are already intensively testing the deployment of these buses on their public transport services.

The new H2.City Gold hydrogen bus uses Toyota's fuel cell system. Regarding the collaboration with Toyota, CaetanoBus president José Ramos said: „… we reinforce the longstanding partnership with Toyota to the whole zero-emission buses business. This allows us both to demonstrate, on the one hand, technical capability and complementary technology, and on the other and, a true alignment towards decarbonization.“

The H2.City Gold buses are therefore now marked with both the CaetanoBus logo and the Toyota logo. Matt Harrison, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, commented: „The co-branding of CaetanoBus zero-emission buses shows the confidence we have in our latest investment and our longstanding partnership with Caetano. It also underlines the importance that Toyota places on developing zero-emission mobility beyond cars, on our path to carbon-neutrality.“


CaetanoBus, edit by H2 TIMES

Pictures: CaetanoBus, Toyota