"True beauty lasts forever", the most famous French fashion designer Coco Chanel proudly declared about women. And she even said, "Age is not important in a woman. You can look divine at twenty, still be beautiful at forty and remain glamorous for the rest of your life." Yes, but how to achieve this challenging goal? How do you take care of your skin so that it is clear, soft, glows with charming grace and health, and continues to look fresh and youthful in old age?

The basis of a charming face is certainly the overall physical health, inner harmony, natural self-confidence and constant patient care for your "look". But now there is a brand new helper that can help you to achieve a happy complexion - molecular hydrogen.

If you suffer from skin manifestations such as acne, psoriasis, pigment spots from sun exposure, various eczema, some allergies..., molecular hydrogen could help you with a simple daily home hydrogen therapy. This consists of body wraps and gentle skin massages, as well as other forms of skin treatments with different types of products that produce molecular hydrogen when applied to the skin. Its subsequent effect on the health of skin cells is being studied by scientists and very remarkable effects are being recorded.

But even for completely healthy skin, molecular hydrogen is very beneficial. This is ideally combined with hydrating the skin by drinking high quality drinking water containing molecular hydrogen in synergy with the production of collagen - the basic building block of all connective and supporting tissues. It is primarily thanks to collagen and mineral-rich nutrition that the skin remains healthy, supple and firm, all of which leads to its perfect elasticity.

Let us add that you can also make a significant contribution to healthy and beautiful skin by supplying the body with molecular hydrogen from the inside, for example by inhaling hydrogen into the lungs, by using hydrogen tablets as a daily food supplement or by drinking ionised water, i.e. water enriched with molecular hydrogen.

Petr Hušek

Source: H2 World Health & Beauty Company

Photo: Dreamstime / Subbotina