„Alpenglow’s mighty and lavish design hints at what Alpine cars will be like tomorrow and at our vision for motor sports moving forward. With hydrogen technology on board, we are strengthening our commitment to a responsible future and to keeping driving pleasure as real as ever“. Laurent Rossi, Alpine CEO

Welcome to Alpine’s mesmerising future. Alpenglow is a glimpse into Alpine’s roadgoing and racetrack models of tomorrow. Alpenglow is also more than a concept car: it is a brand manifesto, the treatise enshrining its vision and development roadmap, a tangible symbol of the Renaulution plan, paving the way for the upcoming Dream Garage models. It’s a vehicle that encapsulates Alpine’s strategy as a manufacturer of road cars, a name in motor sports and a brand that embraces its social responsibility. 

Alpenglow conveys emotions, creativity and elegance, and is opening the door to automotive and motor sports excellence with new sustainable approaches including hydrogen power. This concept is the starting point for all future Alpine car designs, technologies and breakthroughs, all the while remaining true to the brand’s history. All the genuine emotions that come with driving an Alpine are still there, on roads and tracks. Get behind the wheel of the Alpine cars of the future.

This is what motor sports needs to look like tomorrow: as sensational as ever – and ever cleaner. Alpenglow represents Alpine’s reboot. It is ushering in a new age revolving around a solid commitment to entrenching sustainable development in the motor-sports landscape. Its design captures the spirit of competition that has inspired it since 1955. The power it radiates when it darts by is comet-like; the effect is awe-inspiring, titillating and verging on the artistic. This is the Alpine brand’s overarching goal: sustainable sportiness, combining clean emissions (including hydrogen) in roadgoing and racing line-ups with a design where the driver can fuse with the cockpit. The future starts here!


The alchemy between Alpine and the longing for a cleaner future is undeniable. Alpenglow stands for a future where racing cars as well as the upcoming generations of Alpine products release clean emissions. “Green” hydrogen is one of the solutions that the brand is considering for sustainable mobility. A hydrogen-powered engine releases practically nothing but steam during combustion. Water, in other words, is central in Alpenglow’s design. It underlines its purity and its power. 

The colours and materials are also evocative of what the Alpine cars of the future will look like: emotion and technology intertwining to treat drivers to a one-of-a-kind, real experience. Natural elements and states – such as fire, water, ice, wind and steam – inspire this object’s impressive, generous shapes, its flowing, streamlined body, and the all-round feeling of purity. It is designed as an agile and elegant car that is just as comfortable on roads as it is on tracks. 

Motor-sports competition, which steeps the brand’s history, was the compass throughout Alpenglow’s creation. Its bodyshell resembles a wingsuit, pointing to the most extreme of mountain sports. Two triangles interlock, forming a singular shape to spark extraordinary sensations.


Alpenglow is a perfect name. The reddish glow over the mountains just before sunrise is a symbol for this concept car: it is a magnificent moment, the dawn of revolutionary technologies and shapes, and the brand is lifting the veil on the next phase, which will usher in the Alpine cars of the future.

Text and photos: ALPINE / Renault s.a.s.

Edit: H2 TIMES