Just in time for the Hydrogen Technology EXPO Europe, which our editorial team attended, there was great, hopeful news for the future of hydrogen transport in the EU. It happened on 19 October 2022 at the European Parliament. MEPs decided to strongly support the green transition to hydrogen in the road and maritime transport sectors, as they see hydrogen as an essential tool to achieve carbon neutrality and energy security in Europe.

The specific, parliamentary target for road transport is: Ensure a maximum distance of 100 km between hydrogen filling stations along the EU's main road network by 2027, which would mean up to 1 780 filling stations supplying up to 1 million tonnes of hydrogen per year. It is the construction of these stations that the European Parliament believes should significantly encourage carmakers to bring more hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to market - both for freight and passenger transport.
The specific target set for maritime transport is: Achieve a 2% share of renewable fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBO) in maritime transport by 2030.
Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe, said: "Today’s vote represents a strong position from the Parliament that go beyond the Commission proposals and send a positive signal for the uptake of hydrogen in the road and maritime transport sectors. We are confident that clean hydrogen will play an important role in achieving the decarbonisation targets of both sectors."

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Pictures: Dan Moc