German hydrogen startup Cryomotive and French industrial giant Fives have entered into a collaboration agreement on 26 January 2023 to jointly develop the CRYOGAS cryogenic pump for hydrogen production. This type of hydrogen, also known as cryopressurized hydrogen (CcH2), is a high-density hydrogen that can reach densities of 80 kg/m3 or more at pressures between 30 MPa and 40 MPa. Cryomotive and Fives want to develop a unique pump for compressing liquid hydrogen with high flow rates and low energy consumption.

The successful development of this pump would mean that future hydrogen refuelling stations for long-distance trucks and coaches will not only guarantee more than enough hydrogen fuel in each refuelling station, but also fantastically fast refuelling. Above all, trucks and buses could be able to cover extremely long distances on a single fill-up thanks to CRYOGAS hydrogen.

Cryomotive and Fives have set a target that their refuelling station of the future will be able to refuel a truck with up to 80 kg of CRYOGAS hydrogen in 10 to 15 minutes, allowing a hydrogen truck to travel a distance of 1,000 km without problems.

Cryomotive’s CcH2 CRYOGAS storage and refueling technology can pave the way for emission-free hydrogen-powered long-haul trucks at par with Diesel in terms of range, refueling time and cost. Fives’ reciprocating cryogenic pump to generate high-density CRYOGAS is a key enabler of future cost-effective hydrogen refueling stations,” emphasized Christiane Heyer, Managing Director and Co-founder of Cryomotive.


Source: Fives Group
Pictures: Fives Group and Cryomotive