The world's first ship carrying liquefied hydrogen has sailed from Australia to Japan

The Suiso Frontier, the world's first ship carrying liquefied hydrogen, has successfully completed its first, sea-trial transport of liquefied hydrogen (LH2), including loading and unloading of cargo. The Suiso Frontier, manufactured by Japan's Kawasaki Heavy Industries, arrived from Japan at Port of Hastings, Australia, in January 2022. There it loaded liquefied hydrogen produced from coal in the Australian state of Victoria and returned to Japan in February 2022, where it discharged the cargo at the Port of Kobe.

This project was developed by the Japanese government, the Australian federal government and the government of Victoria. Its aim was to produce and transport clean LH2 from Australia to Japan, thereby "demonstrating a comprehensive supply chain between the two countries".

The project is worth A$500 million (US$354 million). The Australian Federal Government and the Government of Victoria have provided $100 million. The Japanese government and other project partners invested the rest.

Renewable energy expert Karah Howard of Pinsent Masons commented, "Transporting LH2 is very difficult because you need to maintain a temperature of -253 degrees Celsius and compress LH2 to 1/800 of its original gaseous volume. That is why this world first in sea transport of LH2 is a huge achievement."

Petr Husek / Pinset Masons

Photo: Hydrogen Energy Supply / Kawasaki Heavy Industries