Happy, merry - and hydrogen Christmas

Christmas can be white. Or on mud, if snow doesn't fall. They can be under palm trees if you don't like the cold, or live in the tropics. But no matter the weather or where you celebrate, they can definitely be Hydrogen Christmas.

So when you're thinking, as you do every year, what to put under the Christmas tree - or palm tree, try to surprise yourself. 

Hydrogen is the energy without which the Sun wouldn't work. Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the world, with enormous powers to penetrate to the core. It works to boost health. For beauty. For joy. In short, for everyone in your family, for everyone close to you. 

There are many choices. You can buy a hydrogen-powered car, for example. But I'd wait on that unless you're into road warfare in search of hydrogen stations. Or you don't live near one. Only in Ostrava in the Czech Republic so far. In Germany, you could take a ride on a hydrogen train, and many cities will have hydrogen buses operating as early as 2023. But I'm not sure a ticket for the hydrogen bus of the future would be the right surprise for Christmas.

But what will work for sure – and right away - are the products we regularly report on. Products with Molecular Hydrogen®. 

There's one to suit everyone – whether it's tablets for boosting immunity (H2 Immunity), for more energy (H2 Forte), a more beautiful smile and healthy gums (H2 Dent Care) or wellness (H2 Fuse tablets or powder), which are also used by leading spas as part of their therapy. 

The traditional Christmas Eve toast to health can be enriched with hydrogen water or a custom-mixed H2 Immunity Drink. 

More valuable gifts (do you really need another coffee machine?) include inhalation devices – H2 Generators in various price ranges, and applicators, among which you will find a 21st century novelty – wellness massage glasses. And speaking of novelties, a cool one is the brand new 3in1 hydrogen bottle, which you can delight with more than just another mobile phone.

So give it a try. Surprise with hydrogen. Tested by the Sun, the spa and the scientists. Tested by humans. And one dog.

The H2 TIMES editorial team wishes you a happy, merry – and hydrogen-filled – Christmas.