MUDr. Pavel Malovič is undoubtedly a renaissance personality. He studied medicine at three universities: in Bratislava, Vienna and Orlando, USA. For more than 25 years he was the head of the Department of Physical Medicine at the University Hospital Bratislava. The general public knows him mainly as a doctor of the Czechoslovak national football team (1986 to 1993) and then of the Slovak national football team (1994 to 2001). Currently he works, among other things, as a medical expert for UEFA. In this role he has participated in several European Championships and has also played in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. In the picture above, he is seen (right) with Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, long-time doctor of the German national football team and club doctor of FC Bayern Munich.

In his life among top athletes (not only footballers), he has travelled almost all over the world and met many of the biggest sports stars personally, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Petr Čech. Dr. Malovic is also a well-known singer and musician, author of song lyrics, author of essays and poems... He has also published medical publications such as "Health Psychology in Practice" or "How to Keep Young". He has also published a number of popular and educational magazine articles, especially on the topic of health care for the individual.

Dr. Malovič has been intensively involved in the use of molecular hydrogen (not only) in sports for several years, working closely with the H2 Global Group and is also one of the advisors to the European Institute for Molecular Hydrogen Therapy (EIMHT).

We asked Dr. Malovič for an interview.


Doctor, when did you first encounter the use of molecular hydrogen in human health care?

"I was introduced to molecular hydrogen 10 years ago - I first heard about it from NBA basketball players. I learned from them that they were able to recover much faster with molecular hydrogen, not only physically but mentally. So I started studying the effects of molecular hydrogen on the human body and then started applying hydrogen to top athletes myself. I found that hydrogen really helps athletes."

In what ways?

"There are a number of them. The main benefits of systematically using molecular hydrogen are the aforementioned significantly faster recovery after athletic performance and then the fact that the age at which an athlete can perform at a professional level is extended. I would also mention the reduction of the risk of viral diseases, thanks to the boosting of immunity with, for example, H2 Immunity tablets or a drink. And then there is the beneficial effect of molecular hydrogen on the treatment of specific painful areas of the human body - take the treatment of a painful wrist, for example, the treatment of carpal tunnel, which is generally very demanding. But if you use soluble molecular hydrogen compresses on a painful wrist, it will have an incredibly positive and relatively quick healing effect. But there are so many beneficial effects on the health and performance of top athletes that I can't cover them all in this one interview."

Can you name some well-known footballers who use molecular hydrogen systematically?

"For example, the Slovak football player Patrik Hrošovský, multiple champion of the top Czech football league for FC Viktoria Plzeň. Or, for example, the well-known Slovak football goalkeeper and national team player Dušan Kuciak, who is currently playing in Poland, where molecular hydrogen literally 'blows', but has also played for West Ham United in England."

As a physician, how do you see the future of molecular hydrogen in the care of human health and longevity, not only for top athletes, but also for all "normal" people who care about their quality of life?

"I see it well. Both in the prevention of disease and in the treatment of many different diseases - molecular hydrogen supports and enhances the effects of conventional medicine, with no negative effects at all. Molecular hydrogen is completely natural to every human cell, it is fully compatible with it, and as the most effective antioxidant it can cleanse it very well and very quickly. Molecular hydrogen is an ideal product for active prevention in today's hectic, stressful times, when most of us are unable to slow down our pace of life.

You see, it's not just that molecular hydrogen can extend a person's life, but molecular hydrogen is also there for the joy of living, even in old age and old age. By inhaling hydrogen, by drinking hydrogen water, by taking hydrogen tablets or other hydrogen-based everyday household 'procedures', a person can live into old age, not just survive..."


With Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho, winner of the World Cup, UEFA Champions League and other most valuable football trophies, including winning the Ballon d'Or, which is awarded to the best footballer on the planet


Petr Hušek

Photos: Ctibor Bachratý and archive of Pavel Malovič